Who is Sameer Patel?

Excessive amounts of negative syntax spoken and written in my reference seldom finds its way on the tongues and quills of my peers. Just a score plus one dozenth of a dozen multiples of Earth's full orbit describes the length of time my consciousness has been conscious - yet so much achieved, so many admirers, so few imperfections.

What is Sameer Patel?

Weak, incompetent, lazy, unethical, pusillanimous, quarrelsome, truculent, belligerent, afraid, dishonest, inefficient, unintelligent, cowardly, spiteful, gullible, vein, callous, self-centred and arrogant - are all what I am not.

Where is Sameer Patel?

Embedded in the blood your never tiring hearts beats for your love of me.

When is Sameer Patel?